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Local attractions

"Pod Bukami" is located in Szklarska Poreba Górna (10-minute walk to the centre). Around the area everyone will find a place to visit. If you are a fan of another type of entertainment - just ask us, we will advise you where to go and how to spend your free time.

Place Description Distance
Leśna Huta Presentation of handmade glass production.
15 min.
Chata Walońska "Juna" Home of the mountain treasure hunters from the XV - XX centuries.
30 min.
Muzeum Ziemi "Juna" Earth Museum The museum exposes rocks and minerals derived not only from the Sudetes mountains but also from other parts of the world.
30 min.
Muzeum Mineralogiczne There are exhibitions of minerals, dinosaur skeletons and Poland's largest gold nugget.
30 min.
Ski Arena Szrenica One of the most modern ski resorts in Poland. There are slopes for both beginners and advanced skiers. 9 km of ski runs.
40 min.
Dinopark Here are dozens of life-size reconstructions of dinosaurs.
1 hr.
Kamieńczyk Waterfall and shelter The threshold of the waterfall is at the height of 843 m above the sea level, three-level cascade of water falls from the height of 27 meters to the picturesque gorge of Kamieńczyk. Near the waterfall there is a shelter.
1 hr.
Szklarka Waterfall and Kochanówka shelter The most beautiful waterfall in the Giant Mountains. Water falls from the height of 13.30 m. Next to the waterfall there is Kochanówka shelter.
1 hr.
Chybotek Chybotek is a several meter rock group. The highest stone can be easily rocked.
1,5 hr.
Pod Łabskim Szczytem shelter Beautifully situated mountain lodge, near the Łabski Cirque. Many trails start from there so it is a good base for more distant corners of the Giant Mountains.
2 hr.
Hala Szrenicka shelter The summit at an altitude of 1,362 m above sea level, all year round chairlift runs from Szklarska Poręba. Excellent views of the Jizera Mountains, the Czech Giant Mountains and Jeleniogórska Valley.
2 hr.
Szrenica summit and the shelter The summit at an altitude of 1,362 m above sea level, which leads all year round chairlift. Excellent views of the Jizera Mountains, Czech Giant Mountains, Jeleniogórska Valley.
2,5 hr.
Śnieżne kotły Two post glacial (Small and Big Snowy Cirques), the vertical walls reach up to 200 meters high. Snow boilers are the richest assemblage of mountain flora in the entire Sudetes.
3 hr.

We recommend a look at the website, where there is a current calendar of sporting events, and information about cultural events and entertainment as well as practical information.